Beaver Island, "America's Emerald Isle", has a storied industrial past of fishing, logging and farming. Today the economy revolves around government services, tourism, and home and cottage construction.

Recreational opportunities abound in Beaver's harbor, beaches, inland lakes and the state forest, which covers much of the island. A golf course, nature trails, multiple restaurants and hotels, a marina and numerous other amenities cater to residents and tourists alike.

The only public transportation is via the Beaver Island Boat Company. The ferry ride to the island from Charlevoix is about 2 hours. Ferries run daily from June to Mid-September - usually one crossing per day, but up to four times on peak travel days. The scheduled is reduced for the rest of the year. The vessel, Emerald Isle, can accomodate wheelchairs, bicycles, and pets (charges may apply). Vehicles fares vary and reservations are encouraged if you want to bring your car.

Otherwise, most of the roads on the island are gravel and bumpy; mountain bikes are recommended! From trails through old growth forests to easy rides around the town's paved roads, Beaver Island offers lots of areas to explore.

Diverse Wild Life
St. James Light

By day's end, our wildlife tally includes three pairs of loons, woodpeckers, snakes, ducks, geese, terns, a green frog, marigolds, deer, turkeys and turtles. But the point seems more the chance to spend time in the blissful silence, interrupted only by rhythmic Lake Michigan waves and cheerful bird calls.
 - Kim Schneider,

Inspiring Sunsets

On Saturday I took a hike, along with other outdoor writers, with Beaver Island Eco-Tours...We also took a hike down to Little Sand Bay along an extensive trail and boardwalk system. It traverses a variety of wetlands and streams before coming out on a beautiful deserted sand beach.
 - Mike Terrell, Traverse City Record-Eagle

St. James Light House Beaver Island Beaches

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